Testimonial to Trenton Ontario.

My relatives stretching back to the late 1700s on my mom’s side are from Trenton. They start with Charles Wilkens who lived at the Carrying Place. The family owned the Spring bank home that was built by a grandfather—James Cummings, and the Ridgeway home next to it.

My great aunts were Angela and Laura Cumming whom I visited in 1978, the day they help dedicate the new town square/tower.

My Grandfather was Dan F O’Neill from Marma.

I hope to get back there again this Summer and want to contact relatives in the area before I do.

Thank you, Fred Canadians Remember.Support Our Troups.

Testimonial to Trenton Ontario.

Great Web Site!!

May wife and I both miss our friends and family in Trenton and Ontario. I miss my musical associations especially as the Trenton 8 Wing and Concert Band are both excellent musical organizations with much talent and they do an excellent job in the community. Perhaps a picture of the bands might be a nice touch on your site. At any rate, congratulations on your very informative and nicely displayed site.

Jack and May Fortin,
Surrey/White Rock, BC Canadians Remember.Support Our Troups.

Testimonial to Trenton Ontario.

I lived in Trenton from 1961 to 1963 when my dad was stationed there in the RCAF. I was only 8 years old when I left and have many happy memories of living in 26 Borden. I spent many an hour going up Hermits hill and down on my sledge. I remember going to Turtles point a lot with my friends.

Both my parents were British and when my dad retired after 16 years in the RCAF, we came back to England. I am bringing my wife to Canada in May of this year to show her your wonderful country. We are spending a week in Ontario and visiting Trenton on the 15th and 16th of May. It will be fantastic seeing the place I used to call home with happy memories.

Bob Slater
Hazel Grove, Stockport
Cheshire, England Canadians Remember.Support Our Troups.

Testimonial to Trenton Ontario.

Love your website! My family is from Trenton. I am the Granddaughter of Fred Pane, Herbert Pane's Son. I am also related to Sonny Harrison, Evelyn Harrison, Neil Green, Carol and Phil Panelas....Maybe half the town of Trenton.

My Mom loved to return to Trenton and since her death, I too have returned only to fall in love with the town and the beauty that surrounds it. I cannot wait to return this summer and introduce my own children to the area.

Stay warm, and if you run into any of my relatives...tell them I said "hi!"


Anne Sorenson
Saginaw, MI, USA Canadians Remember.Support Our Troups.

Testimonial to Trenton Ontario.


My name is Andrew and I'm from Toronto Ont. And every year or month ( depending on weather ) we come to Trenton to getaway from the stress and pollution. I have to say, Trenton is a beautiful place, I and my family fish over the Lock's ( where the creepy house where the generators are ) and honestly, nothing can compare to it. I'm 16 and I and my family have been coming there to camp, fish etc.. well my dad has been there alot before i was born. At night it is creepy! its very scary, and thats what makes me wanna come back more. Last time I went I think there was a hockey tournament and it was late at night and we went to this bar, this fat guy owned it and we were watching it there. After we're done fishing at the locks we head over to " ghost town " or now known as Rose Bush. The place that we go to is far inside and there's a small bridge and we fish for cat-fish on the bridge. My dad said these 2 couples parent's disagreed on there relationship and they both commented suicide. I'm not sure how true that storie is but it makes it exciting to visit. I hope someday in the future to take my kids there every year, but for know Trenton is our first place to go when we want to fish!

Andy Zcarr
Toronto, Ontario

p.s we don't keep the fish, we throw it back in ( we fish for fun ).

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Testimonial to Trenton Ontario.

"Thank you for creating such a simple, clean, and fast loading web site about Trenton Ontario.  It made finding the information we needed for our trip to Canada a breeze. We are going to tell lots of our American friends that Trenton is worth the drive.

Marjorie Langstaff
Watertown, New York Canadians Remember.Support Our Troups.

Testimonial to Trenton Ontario.

"Simply the best site about Trenton Ontario. If you can't find what you are looking for here, you probably won't find it on the net. Good work to the folks at TrentonOntario.com

Rosemary Campbell Canadians Remember.Support Our Troups.

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