Attractions: Lots to see and do.
  1. Mount Pelion Lookout
  2. Just stop and ask anyone how to get to the top of Trenton.  From atop the "Lookout Tower" on Mount Pelion you get a beautiful 360o panoramic view of Trenton.

  3. R.C.A.F. Museum
  4. An excellect military aircraft museum with an actual restoration of a Halifax Bomber used during WWII.  Located at CFB Trenton Airforce Base on Hwy #2.  (see photos in the Gallery - click here.

  5. Murray Canal
  6. Connecting Lake Ontario with the Bay of Quinte, the Murray Canal offers boaters from the west easy access to Trenton.  The canal is approximately 12 km long with two swing bridges, one at either end. The entrance of the west side is via Brighton Bay, and on the east by the Bay of Quinte.

  7. Farmer's Market
  8. Open from April to November (Tues, Thurs, Sat) The Market is located downtown along the Trent-Severn Canal.   Come on down and pick-up some fresh produce (before 2pm).

  9. Loyalist Parkway
  10. The Loyalist Parkway runs from Trenton to just this side of Kingston. Almost 100 kms of scenic beauty, much of which is along the shoreline of Lake Ontario, you follow the route taken by the United Empire Loyalists who left the United States to maintain their loyality to England over 200 years ago.

  11. Rainy Days
  12. What to do? The following are suggestions, but in no way cover all the possibilities on how to spend a rainy day.

    • fishing
    • indoor pools
    • health clubs
    • bowling
    • shopping
    • museums
    • movie theatres
    • rent a video
    • driving tours
    • sports at arenas
    • board games
    • crafts
    • . . . be creative

  13. Scottish-Irish Festival
  14. The main even is on Saturday at the Bayshore Park in downtown Trenton.   Arts, crafts and food vendors add to this traditional event. Music, dancing and good times await you . . . Admission - FREE! Call for dates: 1-800-930-3255

These are just some of the things happening in and around Trenton. Come-on down and see all that Trenton Ontario has to offer for the visitor, the tourist and the local residents. Maybe you'll want to make Trenton a place for your business, getaway holiday, or retirement home.

  • There's a major event each month of the summer.

  • Friendly, helpful people. The little city that cares.

  • Beautiful scenery and wildlife watching. Day trips; 10-20 minutes to exciting and interesting sights, sounds and places in and around Trenton.

  • Great food, fresh produce, and health foods at the local market and dozens of restaurants and all the favorite fast food outlets.

  • Trent-Severn Canal Access via the Bay of Quinte/Lake Ontario.

  • Unique gift shops and shopping experiences await you in Exciting Trenton Ontario.

  • To get out of the noise and air pollution of the big cities.
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